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Unforgettable Events, Rewards and Recognition

KAFL - Jet to Jamaica

KAFL set out to host their 20th Anniversary Celebration with an incentive program that would motivate agents to participate and reward them for their accomplishments with a memorable trip to Jamaica.

KAFL Insurance Resources wanted to celebrate their 20 Year Anniversary with an incentive program that would give their agents a celebration to remember. A five-star resort experience, being fully pampered, along with a tropical destination was the perfect solution.

KAFL used these key DPS incentive program features to streamline and monitor their online program.

Custom-Designed Web Site

Specifically themed and designed for their incentive program, participants get location and program details and a colorful view of what it takes to earn the top prize.

Online Program Registration

Program participants can quickly register into the program as well as winners being able to complete registration for trip participation.

Back-End Admin Site

Admin users can quickly view all their registered participants, with the ability
to export them to Excel or PDF formats,
update leaderboards instantaneously and
view site statistics.

Online Leaderboards

Keeping participants informed of their point levels with an admin controlled leaderboard that updates instantly on the main site.

Site Statistics

Gives a quick glance at visitors to the program site and where they came from, making it easy to track your email support campaigns or main site referrals.

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